Day 914 – #78 Find 10 quotes to inspire me

Recently I’ve been a bit ill.  It’s getting worse and not better and I think I finally have to face up to the fact I’m in a flare up.  I’ve been in remission with my Colitis for 3 years so it’s not bad going really but it’s a bit of a shock to the system being this ill again.

I have to be honest though in that I’ve been neglecting my diet in recent months.  I’m still Primal in principal, but too many other bits and pieces have been sneaking in.  Now I’m not saying that’s the cause of my flare up, but it means that my body isn’t in the best position to be fighting it off….

So, with that in mind I have come across these three inspiring quotes to encourage me back to better living:

change  This is probably the most important one.  I can’t see my colitis from the outside (good job, I’ve seen the inside pics and they are pretty gruesome) but it’s there alright.  Everything I can do to ease the inflammatory load on my body will help.  Even if it doesn’t feel like it and even if I can’t see the results stright away – things will be changing.

So stick with it!!





taking careThis one is fairly self-explanatory.  I need to take care of myself.  Not to do stuff that stresses me out and makes things worse.  Not to feel bad about not doing stuff while I’m ill.  To stop punishing my belly by eating things I know it can’t deal with at the moment – even if I really, really like them (pizza I’m looking at you…..!)

And finally…






note to selfThis one really, really struck a chord.  I look at it more of how I treat the dogs (given that I don’t have kids) – but if they are ill, I look after them, give them food that helps, don’t give them food that is bad for them.  I keep them at a healthy weight, I make sure they get plenty of fresh air and enough exercise.  I make sure they get plenty of rest.

So why don’t I do this for myself?  It’s very odd.  But I’m sure I’m not unusual in this respect.  Anyway, from now on I am going to try and do this.


Day 118 – #78 Find 10 quotes to inspire me


This is the first of my inspirational quotes.  Following on from the previous post I will be sore tomorrow (curse you Jillian!) but I think I’ll also be a little bit sorry that I started challenge 76 🙂  I now have this as my desktop icon to try and make me switch offline and get off my backside.  Time will tell if it is successful or not!