Day 935 – #7 Complete the BBC Big Read Top 100

tale of twoAnother Dickens novel off the list.  I enjoyed this one much more than Bleak House (maybe because it was a quarter of the size?!) and got into it a lot more quickly.

Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution it flits between happenings in Paris and London.  The characters lives are woven between the two cities in a story of increasing tension and peril.

It’s a lot less waffly than Bleak House and the pace of story telling is a lot better.  You actually *want* to keep reading on…  to find out if the Doctor has as much influence as he thinks, to see if Madame Defarge gets her comeuppance and to find out if Evremonde, called Darnay manages to keep his head….

Great book.


Day 111 – #18 Go to the World Irish Dancing Championships in London

Wow!  What a day that was.  On Good Friday, seven of us from our dance school went up to London on the train to see the Worlds in all its technicolour glory!  Having been to a national feis before I thought I knew what to expect, but the sheer scale was phenomenal.  The place (Hilton Metropole) was absolutely rammed out with bewigged, be-blinged dancers.  We watched various competitions including the Girls 20 &21 individual, the girls 16-19 ceili, the Mens 20-21 and Mum & Laura watched the Girls figure dancing too.  The standard was crazy.  You would expect that given they were the world’s best, but how the judges separated them out I do not know.

We had a great day out and it certainly gave us a lot to think about with regard to our technique!  Here are a few pics:

Penny in her finery Laura & Penny My souvenirs