Day 845 – #33 Try 50 New Recipes

photo(5)Laura (my sister) and I were chatting the other week about cooking.  She was saying she struggled with lunches and I said about how I often have soup.  I don’t know how we got around to Parsnip Soup, but we did.  She then made some and said it was delicious.  I’ve never made Parsnip Soup before.  I didn’t like parsnips for a very long time and although I like them now, I don’t eat that many of them.  But I had some leftover from Christmas that I wanted to use up so I thought I’d give it a try.

I had a look in my favourite cookery book – The Cook’s Scrapbook by Reader’s Digest (link) for a recipe and found a very basic one.  It’s nothing more than parsnips sauteed in butter and then simmered in vegetable stock for 20 mins.  After blending add some cream and reheat.  Top with a sprinkle of parsley.  Nothing to it.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!  Really velvety smooth and creamy.  Proper lush.  Mark polished off a whole bowl with minimal assistance from the bread bin…. (He’s one of those people who can’t eat a bowl of soup without half a loaf of bread – why he can’t use a soup spoon like the rest of us I don’t know….!)

I will definitely make this again – it’s wonderful.


Day 362 – #33 Try 50 new recipes

Another day, another pie!  With the last of the Christmas meat I tried yet another pie.  This was very similar to yesterday’s effort but topped with shortcrust pastry instead of mash.  OMG.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I learned my lesson from yesterday and made a bit more sauce and the result was fantastic.  Again, we have another portion to eat today which I’m very much looking forward to….

more pie

So, all in all we have done pretty well with our meat.  Nothing went to waste.  (Well, only the turkey carcass after it had been completely stripped and boiled down for stock).
We managed to produce:
Christmas Day turkey for two people
Turkey stock
Turkey soup – 8 portions
Turkey sandwiches (to accompany soup!) – 8 portions
St Stephen’s Day Pie – 6 portions
Turkey & Ham Pie – 4 portions
Cold meat platters (with cheese etc) – 4 portions

Not too shabby! #loveyourleftovers