Day 977 – #36 Take 101 photos

I have decided to commission a portrait of the dogs.  (No, it’s not my “something frivolous”!)  A friend of mine liked a portrait on facebook and it was fantastic so I had a look at the artist’s website.  Sarah Eden specializes in oil portraits, mainly of pets.  I had a look through her gallery and there was one of a young dachshund that look uncannily like Pedro.  I was hooked.  So I got in contact and she gave me some tips for getting good pictures.  I haven’t heard back yet as to whether they are a good enough quality for a portrait but I like them anyway.

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Day 149 – #58 Teach Malcolm agility

I’m a little late in updating on this one.  In that brief spell of sunny weather we had a couple of weeks ago, we finally got Malcolm’s agility set out of the garage where it has been languishing since Christmas.  The garden was dry enough to set it up, so we thought we’d try it out.  It wasn’t too fiddly to fit together and although it is pretty basic, it gave us somewhere to start.

I can’t say it was a huge hit with Malcolm.  He would run through the tunnel, no problem.  But only if you threw his toy through first.  He almost got through the weave poles, almost.  He wouldn’t do the jump at all.  He’d go around it, through it and he even tried to go under it!  But never once over it!  This is going to take some perseverance on my behalf.  Since then, the weather has been rubbish so not got it out again since but fingers crossed for a nice summer 🙂

Malcolm preferring his fox to agility!

Malcolm preferring his fox to agility!