Day 964 – #33 Try 50 new recipes FAIL!!!

IMG_0046If you are in any way normal, you will be looking at this thinking WTF?  And yes, I did too when it finally came out of the oven…..

Part of a good paleo/primal regime is embracing as much of the animal as you can.  I really can’t stomach much in the way of offal, none in fact so it’s not an area in which I’ve had much success.  When we were shopping in Morrisons this week I saw these bad boys.  Pigs trotters.  And they were reduced to 89p.  Can’t go wrong, I thought.  Mark was up for trying them so I put them in the trolley.

I then started googling for recipes (that didn’t involve too many other ingredients as I was feeling particularly lazy).  I found a recipe for honey-roasted trotters on the Jamie Oliver forum which sounded both easy and nice.  It involved simmering the trotters for an hour, then covering them in honey & brown sugar and finally roasting them in the oven.  Sounds nice, yes?  They came out looking a bit scary (as you can see in the picture!) but smelled ok and I was convinced they’d taste better than they looked.

And maybe they would have been – if I could find anything in there to eat!  It was literally ALL bone, gristle and sinew.  Neither of us could find ANY meat at all!  I’m sure there must be something otherwise how could you have recipes for it?  We were totally baffled.  I’m sure I went wrong somewhere along the line but I’ve no idea how.

Epic fail.