Day 902 – #33 Try 50 new recipes – 3 more attempted

For Mothering Sunday we went round to Mum & Dad’s for afternoon tea.  I’m desperately trying (despite the ongoing socialising problems) to stick to my Primal Eating.  It’s proving tricky as it seems that every week there is a booby trap waiting for me.  So I decided that I would try and find some Primal “cakes” to take as my contribution….

Now, Primal cakes are a bit weird.  Cakes with no sugar and no flour would be I suppose.  They are kind of key ingredients.  With that in mind, I made these two:

photo 1(1)The top ones are Cranberry and Chocolate chip “scones”.  They are made with coconut flour and almond flour which gives them quite a dry texture.  But the cranberries and chocolate chips do offset it slightly.  You definitely need a cup of tea with it though.  Good job it was for afternoon tea!

The bottom tray are Thumbprint cookies.  These are made with almond flour again.  I actually quite liked these.  But that might be because of the jam (which isn’t primal!)

I got both of these recipes from a blog called Paleo Newbie ( which has tonnes of paleo recipes to try out.  I’ll definitely be coming back to that….

As a savoury offering I went for a total non-primal, retro favourite – Vol au Vents!  Cheese & Ham to be precise.  These went down a whole lot better.  It was basically just a white sauce with a shed-load of cheese (cheddar & parmesan) and loads of ham – all stuffed into yummy puff-pastry shells.  They disappeared pretty sharpish!

photo 2(1)