Day 524 – #33 Try 50 New Recipes


This morning I felt like baking.  I don’t know why as it’s not something I do very often but today I had a hankering.  Since going Primal, baking has been somewhat less enjoyable.  Standard recipes are pretty much out of the window once you try to take out flour and sugar!  Most primal/paleo recipe books are American and so not only use American measures but also weird American ingredients.  Which makes trying to use them a pain in the butt.  Step forward Hemsley & Hemsley.  Although not strictly primal, they are pretty much there and so it was to “The Art of Eating Well” that I went searching.

Sticky toffee pudding was one thing that caught my eye…. and then I realised that it made 10 portions.  When there are only 2 of you and one is trying to lose weight, this is a very.bad.thing.  So I came across Sultana & Cinnamon Cookies.  I had all the ingredients and it sounded nice and quick to make so I got cracking.

It’s a bit of a strange recipe as it doesn’t really have any binding ingredients.  You have ground almonds, bicarb, cinnamon, butter, vanilla extract and maple syrup all mixed together in a bowl.  Then the sultanas are added last.  (I used currants as that’s what we had).  It was quite a dry mixture but it did hold together.  11 minutes later, these babies came out.

They are actually quite nice although it’s a weird texture.  They are easily handled but are quite crumbly to eat.  The middles were better as they were a bit more chewy.  In the book it said if you liked them chewier to make them thicker so I think I’d do that next time.  And I do think I’ll make them again as a treat.  The best thing, in my opinion, is that they are satisfying but not moreish.  So I was tempted to pig out on them.  Double result!