Day 713 – #32 Visit 5 new places and #36 Take 101 photos

We have just come back from our holiday and so I’ve now got a chance to update on all the things I’ve been able to tick off my list 🙂  Starting with #32.  We went to Fowey in Cornwall.  We’ve never really been anywhere on the south coast of Cornwall at all so this was a new departure for us.  We went to various beaches and little hidden coves but for the purposes of this entry I’ve counted it as two new places – Fowey and Charlestown.  Within Fowey we also visited Polruan, Bodinnick, Lantic Bay, Frog Prince Cove and Par Beach.  All of which were beautiful.  Charlestown is a funny little place with an Historic Port where they have tall ships and you can wander round within the harbour and look at the ships.  As with a lot of places in Cornwall, we weren’t allowed on the beach with the dogs but tbh it wasn’t much of a beach anyway – very stony.

Fowey is a great little town with loads of lovely shops and proper, traditional pubs.  On our first day there we went to the first ever Cider & Sea Shanty festival at the Safe Harbour Inn which was great fun.  We saw a band called The Stowes who hailed from Padstow and played a mix of Irish & tradtional Cornish Folk Music.  This pub was opposite the house we were staying in so it made for a noisy first night….  We had some really good food and even managed to fit in a visit to Falmouth to see my Auntie Barbara and her partner Rob.  They took us out for lunch at the beach cafe at Gyllyngvase beach and we had a nice walk back along the beach and up through some woodland too.  Great fun.

Here are a selection of photos from the week:

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